Land Trust

MAN Energy Solutions has agreed to transfer the ownership of 43 acres (17.52 hectares) of privately owned land to the rear of its headquarters in Hazel Grove, Stockport to the Land Trust to preserve and enhance it as a local open space asset.

The agreement with the Land Trust, a national charity committed to the long-term sustainable management of open space for community benefit is subject to MAN Energy Solutions gaining planning consent for proposals to develop an additional 11 acres (4.4Ha) for up to 200 new homes and 10 acres (4.12Ha) of open space on land adjacent to its headquarters in Hazel Grove, which subject to planning will be sold to a housebuilder and surplus funds reinvested in the business. In total it is proposed around 53 acres (21.71Ha) of fully accessible public open space would be created through the proposals.

The Land Trust has committed to working with local stakeholders and interest groups on developing a community-led vision for the site with endowment funding of over £1m provided by MAN Energy Solutions which would be invested by the Land Trust to pay for the upkeep of the site in perpetuity.

The agreement with the Land Trust including the endowment would form part of the s106 legal agreement of the planning application agreed with Stockport Council.

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